I am a 20 years old, female, university student. I'm here to spread my love for sharks along with my work of photos and things I admire. :]

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Hey guys!

Thanks everyone for the support and reblogs! This is now going to be more strictly sharks and ocean related material, so stick around if you want that, and follow my other blog if you want the other stuff too (like the pretty landscape pictures). See you on the flip side!

I am starting another blog that will hold all the other posts that aren’t shark or ocean related. SO… if you follow this current blog for everything other than the sharks I suggest you go follow


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did you know that the cast and crew of the movie Jaws became horrified at the results of their movie? fucking horrified at the mass hysteria they had caused

not only that, peter benchley regretted writing the original novel right up until his death, and spent his final years trying to raise awareness and reverse the impact jaws had on people’s perception of sharks, which his wife continues today